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BC8020 multipurpose CBN grade

November 18, 2010

BC8020 General purpose is not a description usually associated with CBN. Traditionally CBN grades have operated exceptionally well, but within a narrow a band dictated strictly by the material being machined and very precise cutting parameters.

Advancements in materials, coatings and manufacturing methods have combined together with increased knowledge of edge honing styles and chipbreakers to provide a grade with a wider application range.

Mitsubishi's "Particle Activated Sintering Method" creates a much stronger binding between the particles that enables the main CBN material to have a more reliable and stronger cutting edge than previous grades. This added strength enables interrupted cutting without compromising tool life for high speed continuous operations on steels up to 60HRC. In addition high crater wear resistance makes it possible to use larger depths of cut than is usually possible for operations such as removing outer carburised layers on raw material.

Another feature of the BC8020 series is the inclusion of chipbreakers for some insert styles. The chipbreaker geometry has a similar radius to the insert corner radius and optimises its position in relation to the cutting point to allow deeper cutting for increased metal removal rates. The ability to increase metal removal rates, something also not traditionally associated with CBN grades further demonstrates the versatility of this new series.

Wiper type inserts are included in the range for increased efficiency and improved surface finishes. To complete the choice for the cutting engineer and ensure the optimum insert can be chosen, BC8020 has 3 different edge honing styles FS for continuous cutting, GA for general cutting and TA for interrupted applications.

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