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MMS Drill Unique through coolant drill for stainless steel

June 1, 2010

MMS Drill Innovative triangular shaped coolant holes have shown to greatly improve coolant flow where it matters most, at the cutting point of the drill. Extensive flow dynamic research revealed not just the benefits of extra volume, but also the way in which the coolant flowed more efficiently from the hole. The combination of extra flow and improved delivery to the cutting point is critical for continuous high performance when cutting notoriously “sticky” stainless steels.

At the cutting edge itself, curved edge geometry is used similar to that of its successful counterpart the MPS drill, in combination with this curved cutting edge, optimised flute geometry for effective chip curling and chip disposal has been incorporated into the design. Together with suitable flank grinding to eliminate friction, greatly enhanced, reliable high feed machining of stainless steels is now made possible.

A brand new PVD coating, DP7020, based on Mitsubishi’s proprietary Miracle Technology adds the final feature towards giving much higher drilling productivity. The AlTiN base coating layer is supplemented with an improved top coating layer for added wear resistance; and when considering stainless steel drilling, the all important extra lubrication properties provided by this extra layer combats chip welding and material pick up on the flank and cutting edges.

Available as a stock standard in short and long flute types from Ø3mm to Ø14.05 mm in the most popular sizes in 0.1 diameter increments, and also from stock from Ø14.5mm to Ø20mm in 0.5mm size increments. All other diameters can easily be made to order.

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