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IMPACT MIRACLE end mill series

May 25, 2011

Anti vibration properties for better surface finishes and increased tool life

BC8020 The tried and tested range of IMPACT MIRACLE anti-vibration end mills provides solutions to the familiar problems of chattering and poor surface finishes on components.

The use of irregular pitch flutes and with varied helix angles significantly reduces vibration that leads to increased reliability and longer cycles between tool changes. This is a factor that is especially important when finishing larger components where re-starting must be negated to avoid blend marks.

In addition to the irregular helix design, the flutes also incorporate a wider chip pocket across the whole range for improved chip disposal. This feature means that the new generation VFHVRB corner radius type, is highly suitable for increased feeds and depths of cut when machining steels, stainless steels and Ti-alloys. High tech geometry alone is not sufficient to make a top quality series of end mills. A high strength micro-grain carbide substrate in coordination with the famous IMPACT MIRACLE coating enables the top class performance required of end mills in today's production environment. The extreme heat resistance, improved oxidation resistance and lower coefficient of friction of the coating means that performance can be maximised and prevent premature tool wear even under the harshest of cutting conditions.

All types of applications ranging from hard material milling to materials requiring sharper edge cutting such as stainless steels and titanium alloys are covered. The addition to the range of a ball nose type for profile finishing and a semi long type for extra reach applications expands the number of types available to 9 and the number of different end mills overall to 105, in sizes from 2 - 20mm.

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May 2011
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