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New AHX640S a versatile series for steel and cast iron milling

February 23, 2012

AHX640S Advances in manufacturing methods and material technology have meant that production of multi corner, double sided negative inserts can now be reliably formed with a large rake angle. This means the sharpness of conventional positive geometry inserts can be successfully combined with the strength and versatility of negative type inserts, and importantly, ensures that both sides can be utilised as a cutting edge. The overall positive geometry also gives far lower cutting resistance, and all the inherent advantages that brings, than would be possible with a true negative rake insert.

This technology has brought about the expansion of the successful AHX640W of cutters that were originally designed for use only on cast iron applications. A much larger range of materials from alloy and hardened steels through to stainless steels and super alloys can now be machined with the new AHX640S type cutters.

The AHX-S and the already existing AHX-W cutter, along with choices of fine or standard pitch types, now provides the user with an expanded choice. This is especially important with regards to the power available on a particular machine and ensures a high level of productivity. If a large number of teeth causes the power available on a machine to be exceeded, switching to a cutter with fewer teeth, but at a higher feed per tooth can prove beneficial.

The cutter bodies are available from Ø63 – Ø200 in both standard and fine pitch types. Additionally, the bodies are equipped with through coolant holes to further aid chip removal and promote longer tool life. The geometry of the 360 degree contact area on the clamping face also provides the essential insert anti-fly component needed for high speed productivity.

Anti-fly clampingThe unique heptagonal, 14 corner inserts are secured with a central clamping screw. This permits a much larger chip pocket design to cope with steel chips that are generally longer than chips formed when machining cast iron. A tried and trusted VP15TF Miracle based coated insert with a new MP chip breaker provides the performance and reliability needed to machine alloy steels, stainless steels and super alloys. In addition, these inserts can also be used at lower speeds on ductile and grey cast irons. Higher performance when machining cast irons with the AHX-S body can be realised by using the MC5020 grade with MK or HK chip breakers. The inserts also feature a corner number sintered into the face for ease of recognition when indexing.

Three different chip breakers are available to suit various applications. The MK breaker with a double positive cutting edge geometry offers low cutting resistance and makes it suitable for cast iron applications on less rigid and older machines and the new MP breaker is ideal for steel and super alloys and also cast iron. The insert chip-breaker range is complemented by HK and WK types for heavy and wiper style machining respectively.

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