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C005 – New general catalogue now available

November 22, 2012

The all-new, revised Mitsubishi Materials general catalogue will be available in November. The catalogue is produced both in paper format and in a new, interactive online version (e-paper).

C005 General CatalogueNow in a fifth edition, the catalogue provides an overview of the complete range of cutting tools; with more than 30,000 items on a total of 1232 pages. The tried-and-tested colour-coded index, which corresponds to the product categories is again utilised and three new bookmark ribbons in company colours make the catalogue even quicker and easier to use. The new, robust hardcover,complete with an extra dust jacket matches the levels of durability expected from all Mitsubishi’s products.

Catalogues are not judged on looks alone; this latest version is printed in resplendentMitsubishiblue for the first time ever, but there is also much to offer in terms of content, from news and innovations, to product line extensions in all areas relating to turning, milling and drilling. Thenew MC6025 grade, for example, allows for productive, high-precision steel turning – and is now available as a complete breaker system to ensure that steel turning tasks can be managedsimply and efficiently.

Another innovative product is the new MP3025 grade. By producing fantastic component surface finishes together with extended operating life, MP3025 excels as a cermet grade. Containing state-of-the-art Zero-μ technology, the new Smart Miracle end mills offer a revolutionary level of efficiency when cutting difficult-to-cut materials. For machining carbon-fibre composite materials, the DFC Series of end mills with diamond coating is available in a variety of specifications for roughing or finishing. The new AHX-S and AHX-W face mills included in the catalogue offer an outstanding level of efficiency when machining cast iron or steel. The unique 14 corner inserts greatly aid in reducing inventory levels and provide a high rate of productivity.

For further detailed information on any product and for easy and convenient ordering of the catalogue contact:

Mitsubishi Materials, MMC Hartmetall GmbH, Comeniusstrasse 2, 40670 Meerbusch, Germany, tel.: +49 (0) 2159 91 89 0, or via email to: 

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