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New VFX 5 series for high performance titanium alloy milling

Feb 15, 2012

New VFX 5 series for high performance titanium alloy milling The new VFX5 type cutters are a smaller version of the successful VFX6 series. The new cutter bodies are available in sizes 40mm - 80 in both short and standard lengths. New smaller XNMU16 size inserts with a complete range of corner radii in sizes 0.8mm ~ 5.0mm complete the additions.

The VFX cutter bodies are manufactured from 42 CrMo4 steel, chosen for structural rigidity and integrity even when subjected to high loads and temperatures. They have an innovative system of internal coolant holes with exit nozzles of changeable diameter. These can be exchanged according to the coolant pressure available and the required level of chip dispersion.

Insert Pocket
The insert pockets have been designed with a large axial contact face and double shallow V formation radial contact points to ensure overall clamping strength, high repeatability of insert positioning and for optimal dispersion of loads.

The inserts are provided in the new MP9030 grade. MP9030 is PVD coated, produced using an accumulating coating method based on a Ti compound. Combined with a special substrate that exhibits an essential balance of wear and lower cutting resistance, the inserts are capable of delivering the elusive mixture of performance and lower cutting resistance that is crucial for successful milling of titanium alloys.
The cutting edge geometry features a multi-stage convex rake face to ensure a smooth but strong cutting action. The edge geometry aims to emulate that of a solid type carbide end mill and therefore achieves a higher than normal standard of wall finish. Such a strong cutting action means the insert needs to be anchored securely. This is done with a larger than normal TS450 screw that can be tightened to a recommended torque of 5.0Nm to make the most of the aforementioned double V-formation and large face pocket clamping area.

New inserts are now also available for the VFX6 series in a range of corner radii from 1.2mm ~ 5.0mm in 2 different chip breaker styles, MS and HS for medium and heavy applications respectively.

VFX Series - User Benefits
Before release into the marketplace, the cutters were successfully field tested at various sites where they are now used in several areas in full production. Outstanding metal removal rates of up to 500cm3 / min have been achieved whilst maintaining an acceptable tool life. This easily surpassed the expected benchmark of 400cm3/min.

The original criteria of high metal removal rates coupled with longer tool life and reliability, together with end user benefits of less vibration and reduced overall costs have been proved not just at the laboratory stage, but also in real life production.


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