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Series expansion - VOX cutters for cast iron

January 23, 2013
VOX400 The VOX range of cutters has recently been expanded to include a super fine pitch series, from Ø63 – Ø250mm.  Also added is a new insert in the tough and reliable VP15TF grade in the standard VOX geometry SONX1206PER. Furthermore, a new wiper insert WOEX1206PER5C is now also available in VP15TF. The VOX series of cutters are available in fine, extra fine or coarse pitch types from Ø63 ~ Ø250mm.

VOX - Edge style insert cutter for cast iron

The VOX400 face mill has primarily been designed with overall stability in mind, enabling it to cover a wide range of cast iron milling applications. The design of the side-on or vertical insert allows the cutting forces to be absorbed through the whole length of the insert instead of through the far thinner face to face dimension. This absorption of cutting forces has several knock on benefits for increased efficiency and versatility. It enables the maximum depth of cut to be greatly increased compared to conventional cutters. Fairly large depths of cut can also be achieved with standard methods, but this usually results in instability caused by vibration and lack of rigidity that compromises both component quality and tool life of the inserts.

Field Test

This example of extra depth of cut was seen to be beneficial when machining a customers’ cast iron (GG40) press mould base, where the usual 5mm depth of cut could be doubled to 10mm at a cutting speed of 230 m/min with a table feed rate of 2050mm. In addition to the efficiency savings due to the increased stability, the new SONX type inserts also boast 8 cutting edges compared to the usual 4 typically found on vertical type inserts. The increased number of usable edges obviously provides benefits in economy, but in synergy with the convex geometry of the actual cutting edge and the shaped face relief, they also offer valuable reductions in cycle times with an efficient cutting action.

Clamping system

The clamping of the insert itself is done with a single screw and provides easy usability. The extremely smooth surface provided by the Black super smooth coating technology in conjunction with the newly developed CVD coated carbide grade MC5020 helps prevent the problems with welding that are common when machining cast iron.

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