Machine should be replaced with a bigger one.

Machine torque is too low.

Compressor should be replaced with a bigger one, or install one 

more compressor and air receiver tank.

Less hammering.

Air pressure is too low to work.

(The hole is too deep that causes 

shortage of air pressure)

The frequent hole cleaning is necessary.

Just drilling through clay formation.

Rotate in forward direction may screw down.

Pull up casing pipe and screw down, the drill strings with the 

driver sub properly.

Drive sub is loosen.(in the thread)

Wipe off sand or clay inside the hammer.

Sand or clay infiltrating into the hammer.

Flushing out cuttings enough.

Cutting are remainning between driver 

sub and bit wing.

Flushing frequently.

Cutting are sticking in bit blow hole.

The bit should be operated with lower feed pressure.

Drilling through fractured zone.

Pull up the drill strings, and remove a scrap iron by casing a 

rotary bit.

After that,start drilling with SUPER MAXBIT.

Water inside the casing pipe, and cuttings should be flushed out 


Hit a scrap iron.

The bottom of the hole is filled with 


Pull up the drill strings and casing pipe about 20-30cm, then 

screw down slowly with hammering.

Sticking through cave zone.

Compresor should be repraced with a bigger one or install one 

more compresor and air receiver tank.

Less air compresor or air volume.

The bit does not 

rotate at all.

The frequent hole cleaning is necessary.

Just drillings through clay formation.

Water inside the casing pipe and cutting should be flushed out 


Cutting are staying inside the casing 


Water inside the casing pipe and cutting should be flushed out 


Drilling through cracky formation that 

leaks out air so much.

Before drilling, plugging up the slit of casing pipe by using tape.

Air leaking from slited casing pipe.

Weld carefully so that the weld on the inside of the casing pipe.

Check the casing pipe is vertical and is linear.

Check that each weld is straigh and smooth so that the friction 

between the casing pipe and hole wall is minimam.

Breakage of the weld joint.

Never use threaded joint casing pipe in deep hole.

(more than 20m)

Breakage of the thread joint.

Keep the bit wings on the bottom of the hole.

Knocking on the side pin by hammering 

while the bit is not on the bottom.

Feed and air pressure must be carefully watched to keep the 

face at the bit wing.

Hammering in sand formation.

Keep the bit wings on the bottom with higher feed pressure.

The bit wings is not on the bottom of the 


Casing pipes 

are not driven 


Breakage of 

the pin.

The bit wings 

does not open.

The bit wings 

does not close.

The drill strings 

can not be 

pulled out.

Clean the holes of the device.

Clay or mud has instruded into the hole 

of the device.

Pull up the bit, (you should throw some small gravel.) and put 

small amount of gravel into the hole to get some friction which is 

needed for extension.

Ground condition is too sticky to open.

Keep the bit wings on the bottom with higher feed pressure.

The bit wings is not on the bottom of the 


Flushing out cuting enough.

Cutting are sticking around the bit wings 

so much.

Pull up the drill strings slowly with 

forward slow rotation carefully.

Please do not hurry to pull up, because 

the overweld of casing tubes can be 

ground off by the device shoulder. So it 

may take a long time to do so.

The thickness of the weld inside of the 

casing pipes exceeds limitation. 


In water well drilling, sometimes rock 

or gravel will be pushed into slots of 

straner that will cause a concave on 

the casing pipes. So carefull 

operations are necessary.

There is a concave on the outside of the 

casing pipes which has broken during 


Cutting are not 

flushed out of 

the hole well.






Cashing pipe