Our Commitment

These days, we hear reports of abnomal weather conditions from all over the world, including
rising sea levels due to the melting of the polar ice caps and disasters caused by phenomena
such as hurricanes, cyclones, heavy rains, droughts and heat waves. With more and more
international environmental rules coming into effect, we need to take wide-ranging action in
order to deal with the problem of climate change, factoring in considerations such as new
regulations and frameworks.

   As Japan is a resource-poor nation that relies on overseas mining for the majority of its mineral
resources, it is crucial that we recycle resources and make effective use of renewable resources
in order to minimize consumption of natural resources and reduce environmental impact. With
Japan's limited size virtually ruling out the possibility of constructing new landÔ¨Ā ll sites, recycling is
also becoming increasingly important in the interests of reducing waste.

   Here at the Mitsubishi Materials Group, we are determined to do our bit to help create a
sustainable society, based on our Corporate Philosophy "For People, Sociery and the Earth,"

We are committed to tackling issues such as these through our core operations.

1) We will comprehensively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other forms of

environmental impact and expand operations aimed at creating a low carbon society,

including environmentally friendly products and renewable energy.

2) We will collect and recycle more waste and used products and make an even greater

contribution to the creation of a recycling-oriented society.

3) Through advanced technology and increased efficiency, we will improve resource

productivity and manufacture materials and components so as to make the best possible

use of natural resources and maintain stable supplies.