Carefully read and follow the below safety warnings and 

instructions prior to engaging in work with equipment.

• Always follow equipment manufacturer’s recommendations for safety and maintenance.
• Always wear personal protection equipment, including:  steel toed boots, work gloves, 

safety glasses and hard hat.  Be familiar with the safety requirements of your work site.

• Always wear hearing protection when the work environment includes noise levels at or 

above 85 dBA.  Dual hearing may be required when percussion drills are operating.

• Never operate equipment while under the infl uence of drugs, alcohol, medication or

 extreme exhaustion.

• Stand clear of all moving and rotating equipment parts.  Never wear loose articles of 

 clothing around moving equipment parts.

• Be cautious of other equipment operating around you.
• Always maintain a clean working area.
• Avoid extremely hazardous working conditions.
• Refrain from having unnecessary visitors to your work area.  Ensure any visitors are

 dressed properly for the working conditions they are entering.

• Always use and keep machine safety guards intact and in working order.
• Employ trained and experienced service mechanics to maintain and repair equipment.
• Always follow all local and federal health and safety regulations.
• Prior to moving equipment or operating equipment controls, always be sure of what

 function they perform.  Always know where other persons are prior to moving equipment.

• Never customize or alter the drill or drill string components.  Failure to follow this will

 void any warranties and could cause premature failure to the tool or physical hazards to

• Prior to lifting tools with hoists, make sure that all rope and/or slings are free to move

 without getting tangled.