Materials for the Creation of a New Age, in Balance with Earth and Mankind

1. Further enhancing and improving our highly competi-

tive “Core Business”, appraised and trusted by our 


2. Positively carrying out global business restructuring 

by anticipating the changing need and staying ahead 

of the times, and nurturing promising business by 

strategically allocating managerial resources.

3. Always being creative in business development by 

taking on  “innovations” to respond swiftly to the 

customers changing needs.

4. Implementing a transparent and efficient “Global 

Standard Management” system suitable for global 


The emerging progress in information technology has 

materialized an information network that is now uniting 

the world as one. Our lifestyle has also changed, from 

the mass-production, mass-consumption and mass-

disposal, to the recycling and treasuring of the limited 

resources offered by the planet.
In a resourece-recycling information network society, 

Mitsubishi Materials Group aims at contributing to the 

prosperous future of the earth and mankind, by antici-

pating the needs of its customers and offering them 

unique materials, products and systems.