Slot Die Coater with Slit-Width Adjustment Mechanism

An exclusive measuring instrument for Slot Die


Liquid crystal displays

Cell phones

Fuel cells

PV (Photovoltaic)

Development Technology

Guarantee of Quality

Super-accurate coating technology anticipates 

a next generation's needs. 

Highest accuracy by submicron tolerance 

Thin film coating from liquid crystal to fuel cells

• Possible production size : Maximum 3,800mm

• Slot Die lineup

  Stainless (Base metal, Lip edge) 

  Stainless (Base metal) + Cemented carbide (Lip edge)

•  CCD camera can measure slit width overall.

•  Laser displacement gauge measures straightness and flatness.

Stripe Die

•  High precision stripe coating

•  Adjustable slit width by micron order.

•  Quantitative control by digital display.

Coating tool

The Slot Die is used for manufacturing the following products.

Secondary cells