High Accuracy & High Rigidity Unit


Detail of cutting edge

Conventional module

High accuracy and high rigidity module

Stable and Long tool life

Conceptional diagram of improvement for stable and long tool life

10 times wider deviation in tool life

Carbide application

Key technology

High rigidity unit

Sub-micro grain cemented carbide

Super precise machining technology

Tool life deviation 1/3

2 times longer tool life

CAE analysis results

1st Step

2nd Step

Adhesive plaster

Various labels

Secondary cells

Fuel cells


Sanitary napkin


Cemented carbide

1st Step

2nd Step


Rotary Die Cutter is used in hygiene products 

and ecology industry.

Combination of the newest materials technology 
and machining technology

Our high accuracy and rigidity unit achieves stable and long tool life with precise 


Sub-micro grain cemented carbide can realize longer tool life.

The Rotary Die Cutter is used for manufacturing the following products.