Series Expansion - Cutter for machining aluminium alloy and difficult-to-cut material “AXD4000 series”

October 15, 2013

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation has additionally launched new series of AXD4000, for machining of aluminium alloy and difficult-to-cut material. This new series will start to be sold by Mitsubishi Materials Tools Corporation (President: Toshio Takizawa, Headquarters: 1-6-1 Yokoami, Sumida, Tokyo).

In the aircraft industry, many parts are manufactured by machining aluminium alloys, and in many cases, this involves removing large volume by milling. Thus, highly efficient tools that can rotate at high speeds are required.
AXD end mills for machining of aluminium alloy and difficult-to-cut material have been received a favorable reception as a tool that enable high-speed and high efficiency machining by installing inserts firmly to the tool with two screws.

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation will release an additional "TF15" micrograin cemented carbide grade for machining aluminium alloy to new "GM breaker" focusing on high edge strength launched in April 2013. Additionally, 12 items of shank type tool holders have now been added to the series to cover a broader range of machining applications.

Features of AXD4000 series tool holder and GM breaker to ensure the cutting edge strength

1.Total 12 items including Ø20·Ø28·Ø35·Ø40 shank type are available as standard

2.The highly rigid double clamping mechanism using two screws to attach the inserts firmly combined with Mitsubishi Material’s proprietary “Anti Fly Insert” mechanism (AFI) prevent insert displacement due to the centrifugal force of high speed rotation, thereby achieving stable high speed machining.(It achieves max. spindle speed at 27,000min-1 by a cutter with a cutting edge diameter of Ø80 mm.)

3.The optimized rake angle and clearance angle of GM breaker improves fracture resistance. Also, the connecting part between the first minor cutting edge and second minor cutting edge is rounded, which improves finishing surface. By the combination with "TF15" micrograin cemented carbide provides excellent fracture resistance in interrupted machining of aluminium alloy.
Along with MP9120, total 10 items using corner radius of 0.4-5.0 will be standardized.

Additional standard items

Product name:
Cutter for machining aluminium alloy and difficult-to-cut material
“AXD4000 series”
Number of items:
Insert; 10 items, Tool holder; 12 items
October 15, 2013
Standard price:
Insert; 2,000yen, Tool holder; 36,300~64,900yen
(Main item)
Insert; XDGX175004PDFR-GM (TF15) 2,000yen (2,100 yen including tax)
Tool holder; AXD4000R403SA32ELA 64,900yen (68,145 yen including tax)

Product Features

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