New, Straight long shank drill “SD-LS”

October 15, 2013

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation has recently developed and manufactured a new straight long shank drill “SD-LS”. This new Straight long shank drill “SD-LS” will start to be sold by Mitsubishi Materials Tools Corporation (President: Toshio Takizawa, Headquarters: 1-6-1 Yokoami, Sumida, Tokyo).

Drilling has been in widespread use including the automotive industry and in various fields such as construction machinery, shipbuilding and heavy electric machinery. In the field, economic efficiency to reduce the production cost and processing time by improving the processing efficiency and by simplifying the finishing is required at all times.
A long drill for a deep hole has been used when drilling a shallow hole in the deep position for preventing collision with workpiece. However various problems such as fracture, hole expansion and displacement of hole position have occurred because there is no rigidity.

This time, we have fixed these problems that occur with conventional long drill for a deep hole by release of this HSS drill with overhang optimized for drilling a shallow hole, Straight long shank drill “SD-LS”.

Features of straight long shank drill “SD-LS”

1.Unique geometry adopted M size of high precision drill with high versatility, which overall length was designed longer

2.Not only machining center, manually operated machines, such as electric drill and drilling machine are also available due to the employment of the web thinning geometry considered an initial machining performance as the most important point.

3.All-rounder flute geometry which enables to machine wide range of workpiece since it is available for both of machine work and hand work.

4.Adopt a versatile nitriding- oxidation treatment as a surface treatment, which is more cost efficient than coated drills.

5.91sizes ,Ø1.0~ Ø10.0(every 0.1)are offered as standard.

Additional standard items

Product name:
Straight long shank drill “SD-LS”
Number of items:
91 items
October 15, 2013
Standard price:
(Main item)
SDLSD0250A150 1,660yen (1,743 yen including tax)
SDLSD0300A150 1,580yen (1,659 yen including tax)

Product Features

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