Series Expansion - Large diameter series added to New generation solid carbide drill “WSTAR drill series”, “MVS/ MVE”

November 20, 2013

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation has additionally launched new large diameter series of “MVS(internal coolant)” and “MVE(external coolant)” of new generation solid carbide drill “WATAR series” This new series will start to be sold by Mitsubishi Materials Tools Corporation (President: Toshio Takizawa, Headquarters: 1-6-1 Yokoami, Sumida, Tokyo).

Drilling has been in widespread use including the automotive industry and in various fields such as construction machinery, shipbuilding and heavy electric machinery. The cutting tools therefore are required as follows: which are 1) versatility to be suitable for a wide range of work materials, 2) stability to eliminate premature failure, 3) economic efficiency to reduce production costs.

Solid carbide drill, “WSTAR drill series” “MVS/MVE” have received a favorable reception as a general purpose drill that covers a wide range of work materials as well as a wide range of different machining applications since this series was released.

With the increase of the demand of large diameter series, large diameter series of 12.1-20mm have been added to “WSTAR drill series” “MVS/MVE”.

Features of new generation solid carbide drill “WSTAR drill series” “MVS/ MVE”

1.Adopts new coating grade, “DP1020” specialized for a drill reduced friction resistance and improved wear resistance, thereby ensuring high versatility and longer tool life

2.Maintains smooth chip evacuation by adopting a wavy cutting edge design. Achieves longer tool life by improving the cutting edge rigidity

3.With the unique “ZERO-µ surface”, the cutting edge retains its sharpness and smoothness. Achieves both increased machining stability and longer tool life by controlling a crack of a coating and wear

4.The original coolant hole shape “TRI cooling technology” increases the flow of coolant and rapidly eliminates the heat generated by cutting. (Coolant holes on drills larger than f6mm) It enables extended tool life

5.Drill diameter of 12.1-20mm has been added. Drill diameter of 3-20mm will be available as standard Items

Additional standard items

Product name:
New generation solid carbide drill “WSTAR drill series” “MVS/ MVE”
Number of items:
MVS (internal coolant, drill diameter 12.1 to 20mm, L/D 3, 5, 8) / 105 items
MVE (external coolant, drill diameter 12.1 to 20mm, L/D 2, 3) / 86 items
November 15, 2013
Standard price:
MVS (internal coolant); 23,400~51,500yen
MVE (external coolant); 16,700~41,800yen
(Main item)
MVS1250X03S130 DP1020 23,400yen (24,570 yen including tax)
MVE1600X03S130 DP1020 24,300yen (25,515 yen including tax)

Product Features

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