Series Expansion - Add New Breaker Systems to Cermet Grade for Steel Turning

February 12, 2014

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation has added new breakers, which are FP/LP/MP breakers to Cermet Grade for Steel Turning "MP3025"/"NX2525" and released for 7° positive insert and 5° positive insert. These series will start to be sold by Mitsubishi Materials Tools Corporation (President: Toshio Takizawa, Headquarters: 1-6-1 Yokoami, Sumida, Tokyo).

In actual production lines, the parts manufacturers, including the automotive industry, are working towards the reduction of downtime in production line caused by abnormal fracturing of tool and the shortening of actual machining hours to increase their productivity.

Total 259 items; LP/RP breaker for negative insert and newly developed FP/LP/MP breaker for 7°/5° positive insert for steel turning were released at April 2013. These series make it possible to carry out stable machining to cover a wide range of different machining applications that lead to improved productivity. Thus these items are highly commended by customers.

To allow wider range of applications, FP/LP/MP breakers have been added to Cermet Grade for Steel Turning "MP3025"/"NX2525" for 7° positive insert and 5° positive insert. Therefore, "Insert Series for Steel Turning" have been expanded.

Features of “Insert Series for Steel Turning”

7°/5° positive breaker for steel finish cutting: FP breaker
The cutting edge design with enhanced sharpness combines chip control and finished surface accuracy.
7°/5° positive breaker for steel light cutting: LP breaker
The large rake angle optimizes chip flow and controls welding of workpiece materials, thereby achieving good finished surface.
7°/5° positive breaker for steel medium cutting: MP breaker
The flat land edge and large rake angle achieves a good balance between wear resistance and fracture resistance. This enables high efficiency machining.

Additional standard items

Product name Insert Series for Steel Turning
Number of items 7° positive insert / 138items
5° positive insert / 22items
Release February 12, 2014
Standard price Insert 530~2,310yen
(Main item)
DCMT11T304-FP ⌈MP3025⌋ 1,080yen (1,134yen including tax)
VBMT110308-LP ⌈NX2525⌋ 950yen (998yen including tax)

Product Features(MP3025)

Product Features(NX2525)

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