Series Expansion – New Items Added to CVD Coated Carbide Grade for Steels Turning MC60 Series

August 26, 2015

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Advanced Materials & Tools Company (President - Fumio Tsurumaki, Headquarters: 1-3-2 Otemachi,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo) has launched a new range of items for the MC60 series of CVD coated carbide inserts for turning steels.

The MC60 series of grades provides increased stability and is now available for use over a wider range of machining applications. The MC6015 grade offers substantially better wear resistance even at cutting speeds that exceed 300m/min whilst the MC6025 grade offers excellent welding and fracture resistance for general purpose and medium interrupted applications. The MC60 series has been further expanded to now include an extensive range of geometries and chipbreakers.

Features of the CVD coated carbide MC60 series for steel turning

1.The proprietary optimised crystal growth, Nano-Texture Coating technology gives outstanding wear and chipping resistance. This coating technology permits high speed, efficient machining even at higher temperatures.

2.With an extremely smooth surface, the unique technology Black Super Even Coating provides improved surface roughness which results in excellent resistance against adhesion, abnormal damage and weld chipping.

3.The new technology used in the MC60 series ensures a tough edge layer that vastly reduces crack development and fracturing.

Additional standard items

Product name
MC60 series - CVD coated carbide grade for steel turning
Number of items
Additional items of MC6015, 67 items
Additional items of MC6025, 48 items
Release Aug 3rd, 2015
Standard price CNMG160608-MA (MC6015) 1,890 yen (2,041 yen including tax)
DNMG150404-SH (MC6025) 1,180 yen (1,274 yen including tax)
SNMG150612 (MC6015) 2,090 yen (2,257 yen including tax)
VCMT080202-SV (MC6025) 1,220 yen (1,318 yen including tax)

Product Features

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