New Diamond Coated DC End Mill Series for Hard, Brittle Materials

June 6, 2016

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Advanced Materials & Tools Company (President - Fumio Tsurumaki, Headquarters: 1-3-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has launched the DC end mill series, a new diamond coated end mill for hard, brittle materials.

DC end mills deliver substantially better fracture and wear resistance and achieve long tool life when machining hard, brittle materials such as cemented carbide, alumina and silicon carbide. This is achieved by utilising the newly developed diamond coating and a cutting edge geometry that combines sharpness and cutting edge strength.

The series has been expanded for use over a wider range of machining applications with 2 new types, DC2SB with a short flute length and DC2SB, a long neck, ball end mill type.

Features of the DC end mill series

1. A unique coating technique is used to obtain high adhesion of the coating to the carbide substrate for excellent wear resistance. This helps to control wear and prevent peeling of the coating.

2. The rake angle of the cutting edge improves sharpness.

3. Chip removal has been improved by directing the flow away from the cutting edge thereby reducing chip jamming that can cause sudden fracturing.

Product name
Diamond Coated DC End Mill Series for hard, brittle materials
Number of items
Short flute length type, 0.1R~3.0R DC2SB / 11 items
Long neck type, 0.1R~3.0R DC2XLB / 13 items
Release May 9th, 2016
Standard price
(Main item)
DC2SBR0010 36,100yen (38,988yen including tax)
DC2SBR0300 32,400yen (34,992yen including tax)
DC2XLBR0010N005 36,500yen (39,420yen including tax)
DC2XLBR0300N100 32,800yen (35,424yen including tax)

Product Features

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