Series Expansion - Add FP Breaker for Negative Insert for Steel Turning

April 27, 2017

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Advanced Materials & Tools Company (President - Fumio Tsurumaki, Headquarters: 1-3-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has added the FP chip breaker to the range of negative inserts for steel turning.

The FP breaker insert series is the first choice for high performance finish cutting of low-carbon and alloy steels. This new FP geometry provides efficient chip breaking at small depths of cut and prevents chip jamming at high feed rates.
To allow a wide range of applications, the FP breaker has been added to the MC6000 series (MC6015 and MC6025) of CVD coated grades and to the MP3025 and NX2525 cermet grades.

Features of FP chipbreaker

1.The optimum corner design and wide chip pocket promote efficient chip breaking at small depths of cut and prevent chip jamming at high feed rates.

2.Stable chip curls will be produced for finish cutting of soft materials due to the large rake angle amd the protrusion of the breaker.

3.The 20°positive rake angle and protrusion are designed to promote low cutting resistance to prevent vibration and deflection.

Product name FP breaker series for steel turning
Number of items MC6015 ; 20 items MC6025 ; 20 items
MP3025 ; 20 items NX2525 ; 20 items
Release April 3rd 2017
Standard price 690 - 2,310 yen
Main items
CNMG120402-FP NX2525 760 yen (821 yen including tax)
DNMG150404-FP MP3025 1,180 yen (1,274 yen including tax)
TNMG160402-FP MC6015 850 yen (918 yen including tax)
VNMG160402-FP MC6025 1,300 yen (1,404 yen including tax)

Product Features

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