MC Series - New Solid Carbide Drills for Composite Machining

June 28, 2017

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Advanced Materials & Tools Company (President - Fumio Tsurumaki, Headquarters: 1-3-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has launched MC Series, a new solid carbide drill for composite machining.

The demand of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics); which is a composite material composed of carbon fiber and resin, is rapidly increasing in the aircraft and the automobile industry.

This means ever more efficient machining of material stacks containing CFRP, aluminum or titanium alloys are required in the aircraft industry. Therefore drills for CNC hand machining are also required.
6 types of MC series solid carbide drill for composite machining over a wide range of applications have been released.

Features of MC series

1. MCC (CFRP): The cutting edge point angle of 90° minimises cutting resistance in the axial direction. This controls delamination and maintains good hole quality.

2. MCA (CFRP/Al Material Stacks): The groove design that curls chips effectively when drilling CFRP and aluminum also helps to produce accurate hole diameters. In addition, the chips produced have minimal contact with the hole wall surface. The gash land (0 degree rake) provides excellent chipping resistance.

3. MCT (CFRP/Ti Material Stacks): Has a sharp cutting edge which is required for good hole quality and also has low thermal conductivity to minimise the generation of cutting heat to achieve high-quality CFRP and titanium stack material drilling.

4. MCW (For High Precision Holes): The unique cutting edge shape with V-shaped grooves controls the flow of chips generated at the outer circumference. Furthermore, this minimises the hole diameter tolerance differences in stacked materials. Burrs on the hole exit side are also minimised.

5. MCCH (CFRP, For Hand Tools): The ultra-hard substrate with enhanced strength prevents sudden breakages and maintains high quality holes during hand tool drilling. The double angle design controls the thrust and enables a stable cutting speed.

6. MCAH (CFRP/Al Material Stacks, For Hand Tools): The ultra-hard substrate with enhanced strength prevents sudden breakages and produces highly reliable drilling. The combination of the groove shape and optimal flute angle ensures good chip discharging. This leads to stable hole machining even maching CFRP and aluminum material stacks.

Product name MC series, solid carbide drill for composite machining
Number of items MCC; 5 items, MCA; 2 items, MCT; 2 items, MCW; 4 items, MCCH; 6 items, MCAH; 6 items
Release April 17th, 2017
Standard price
MCC0638X03S080 DD2105 52,000 yen (56,160 yen including tax)
MCA0638X05S070 DD2110 54,000 yen (58,320 yen including tax)
MCT0638X05S070 TF15 18,000 yen (19,160 yen including tax)
MCW0638X05S070 DD2110 56,000 yen (60,480 yen including tax)
MCW0638X05S070 HTi10 22,000 yen (23,760 yen including tax)
MCCH0638X03S070 DT2030 37,000 yen (39,960 yen including tax)
MCAH0638X05S070 DT2030 21,000 yen (22,680 yen including tax)

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