Size Expansion – Small Diameters Added to SMART MIRACLE End Mills Series Vibration Control End Mill for Difficult-to-cut Materials

November 29, 2017

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Advanced Materials & Tools Company (President - Fumio Tsurumaki, Headquarters: Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo) has launched the new smaller diameter VQMHV and VQJHV, 4 flute vibration control end mills from the SMART MIRACLE series.

The SMART MIRACLE end mill series has reduced cutting resistance and improved chip discharge performance to help receive a favorable reception in the market place as products that achieve high efficiency and long tool life when milling titanium and heat resistant alloys.

To complement the existing series, the range has been expanded to include smaller sizes, diameter 1mm to 1.5mm for the VQMHV and VQJHV types.

Features of VQMHV and VQJHV

1. By adopting the unique smooth ZERO-μ surface that provides superior welding resistance and chip discharge properties, as well as decreasing cutting resistance, high efficiency machining and longer tool life can be achieved.

2. The irregular helix on the smaller diameters controls vibration and increases stability during machining.

3. The carbide substrate with excellent wear and fracture resistance allows a wide range of different machining applications.

Product name 4 flute vibration control end mills from the SMART MIRACLE series
Number of items VQMHV, medium cut length / 2 items
VQJHV, semi-long cut length / 2 items
Release November 15th, 2017
Standard price
VQMHVD0100 9,640yen (10,411yen including tax)
VQMHVD0150 9,640yen (10,411yen including tax)
VQJHVD0100 12,100yen (13,068yen including tax)
VQJHVD0150 12,100yen (13,068yen including tax)

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