Added VAS300 to Indexable side cutter series for narrow part machining

October 3, 2019

MITSUBISHI MATERIALS CORPORATION Metalworking solutions company (Company President: Shinichi Nakamura, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has added VAS300 to the existing series of indexable side and face cutters.

The VAS indexable side and face cutter series is a range of rotating tools for machining grooves and for shoulder milling components such as automobile cylinder blocks. The VAS cutters suppress chatter and vibration during machining due to a low cutting resistance insert geometry and also because of the strong clamping of the inserts.

The main features of the new VAS300 side and face cutters are as follows.

1. Sophisticated simulation techniques have succeeded in achieving a low cutting resistance insert geometry that is optimal for steel machining.

2. A large clamping surface on the insert ensures stability during machining.

3. Corner radii of the inserts with an ideal cutting edge geometry ensures high geometrical accuracy and surface quality of the component.

Product name Indexable insert side and face cutter VAS300
Model number Insert corner R 0.4-4.0mm 16 items
Made to order cutter bodies are also available.
Release date September 20, 2019
Standard price
LNGU090604PNER-M VP15TF 1,830 yen (2,013 yen including tax)
LNGU090604PNEL-M VP15TF 1,830 yen (2,013 yen including tax)
LNGU090640PNER-M VP15TF 1,830 yen (2,013 yen including tax)

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