Added Threading Menu for iPhone and Started a Correspondence by Android Phone

September 30, 2014

The threading menu for iPhone that can easily calculate lead angle has been added to the existing FORMULAS application just like milling, turning and drilling menu. The application also became available on Android phone.

Main axis spindle speed and cutting speed when milling, turning and drilling are easily calculated by only touching the button and inputting the values. Furthermore, cutting speed can be inversely calculated from the main axis spindle speed. Feed per tooth can be inversely calculated from the table feed.

Regarding newly added threading menu, lead angle can be calculated by inputting the information of the screw. Also applicable holder and shim are displayed in order to properly positioned relief angle of an insert.

To satisfy a wide range of customers’ demands, ten menu items including various formulas, the technical advice services by one-push type free-phone and RSS information delivery system to provide the latest information about a cutting tool and so on are offered.

With this chance, we hope you install this application and make good use of it.

Please download from here.

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