For Titanium Alloy Milling



VFX for high efficiency milling of titanium alloys.

Outstanding metal removal rates up to 400cm3/min (with φ63 cutter)

High rigidity design

Arranging the inserts vertically absorbs the principal cutting force through the thickness of the insert and achieves extremely high rigidity.

Highly reliable clamping mechanism

The insert seat has a curved seating face in the radial direction of the tool and a V-shaped seating face on the axis of rotation that can securely handle cutting forces from any direction.

Low resistance convex curve cutting edge

The curved cutting edge resembles the geometry of a solid end mill and achieves low cutting resistance and enables high quality machining.


Improved chip removal with coolant

The internal coolant is directed slightly above the rake face of the cutting edge so that it is aimed directly at the chip. Forcibly ejecting he chips prevents them from welding to the cutting edge, enabling higher efficiency machining.


Changeable coolant nozzle

A replaceable nozzle is used for the internal coolant (hole diameter of the standard nozzle supplied: φ0.8). The coolant pressure can be adjusted by using a nozzle with a smaller or larger diameter. Nozzles with different diameters are available as options.

Selecting inserts


First Recommended MP9130

An new and enhanced super fine cemented carbide substrate has increased toughness whilst maintaining hardness.
The Al-Ti-Cr-N accumulated type coating ensures optimum heat and wear resistance. The combination of these properties gives excellent fracture resistance and a very low coefficient of friction for class leading welding resistance when machining titanium alloy.

General Purpose Grade MP9030

MP9030 uses an accumulated type coating based on a Ti compound that demonstrates excellent abrasion and fracture resistance during titanium alloy machining.

Combination of holder and insert corner R


*Only the end cutting edge can be changed. On the peripheral cutting edges please use R1.2 for VFX6 and R0.8 for VFX5.

Newly developed 3-flute holder (VFX 5 only)

During high chip volume applications such as slotting, chip evacuation performance is important and if insufficient can lead to chipping of the insert.
To solve this problem a 3 flute cutter with maximised main flutes and chip pockets has been developed.
Use of the new LS breaker in conjunction with the 3 flute cutter will maximise the performance benefits.




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