CBN Grade for Turning Hardened Steel



New Coated CBN Grades for the
Modern Technique of Turning
Hardened Steels

BC8210 For Continuous and Light Interrupted Cutting

Outstanding Tool Life with High-speed Machining

Suitable for continuous cutting and Light interrupted cutting. BC8210 exhibits excellent chipping, flank and crater wear resistance, thereby providing a stable machining process at high speed cutting conditions.


BC8220 General Applications

Achieves Impressive Tool Life Over a Wide Range of Cutting Conditions.

Highly suited to a wide application area from continuous through to heavy interrupted cutting. It also has excellent crater wear and fracture resistance due to the new CBN base material and together with a new coating dramatically extends tool life.


Ultra Micro-particle/ Heat Resistant Binder Technology

The new CBN substrate contains a new ultra micro-particle and heat resistant binder. This suppresses both chipping and crater wear that promotes longer tool life.

Optimised Substrate Technology with Ultra Micro-particle Binder

The ultra micro-particle binder prevents linear crack development to avoid sudden fracturing.


Positive Effect of the Newly Developed Heat Resistant Binder

The progress of crater wear is greatly reduced due to the use of a heat resistant binder.
This suppresses chipping, crater wear and fracturing.


Area of Application


Edge Preparation (Honing)

New VA honing type with improved fracture resistance for high speeds and feed.
In addition, a range of different honing types that can be used for various applications is available.


Combination of BF Breaker and WS Wiper Insert

CNGM and DNGM types are now available with new inserts that combine a BF chip breaker with a WS wiper Insert. ( BC8210 : BF-oNGMooooooTSWS2, BC8220 : BF-oNGMooooooTAWS2 ) It is effective for chip control and improvement of finished surface roughness without worrying about the hand of the tool even when continuous external or internal turning and facing.


Comparison of Wear Resistance During Continuous Cutting

Defects due to crater wear are suppressed and tool life is improved compared to conventional products.


Comparison of Fracture Resistance During Medium Interrupted Cutting

Excelling in suppressing chipping and cracks, it also improves fracture resistance after crater wear that provides a stable cutting action that improves tool life.


Examples of Usage



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