“MC6025” insert trial set campaign.

When you bought trial set and reply the questionnaire and 1 piece of used sample insert, you can get a retractable LED penlight with magnet.


December 1. 2015 to November 30. 2016

Trial set

The trial set is sold in a set of 20 pieces of object inserts and 1 piece of sample insert.

The object inserts and grade.

• CNMG120404-LP / MC6025
TNMG160404-LP / MC6025
WNMG080404-LP / MC6025
CNMG120408-MA / MC6025
TNMG160408-MA / MC6025
WNMG080408-MA / MC6025

Retractable LED penlight with magnet

※It will be considered as terminated when the gift is send out.

※This campaign is a target for Japan domestic market.

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