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Mitsubishi Materials is providing precise 3D CAD data, especially assembled 3D CAD data of indexable cutting tools, through the MachiningCloud*1 website.

Past forms of 3D CAD data on cutting tools did not contain any data on the assembly of the necessary components such as tool holders and inserts. As a result, the worker required complex CAD operation for precise confirmation.

MachiningCloudTM possesses the functionality for automatically assembling the necessary components with the use of the assembly data defined in ISO 13399 and the GTC, making it easy for customers to assemble different parts of 3D CAD data on cutting tools needed for simulations.

After connecting to the database from their computer or tablet, customers can quickly acquire CAD data on tens of thousands of cutting tools free of charge, by simply selecting the name of the cutting tool product based on the ISO 13399 and GTC*2 standards.

*1 : MachiningCloud
A company based in Switzerland that provides solutions on cutting processes
MachiningCloud’s website:

*2 : A standard for databases of cutting tools that supplements the ISO 13399 standard. It was formulated by a voluntary forum run by cutting tool-related companies around the world.
Website about GTC:

WSX milling cutter after assembly

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WSX milling cutter before assembly

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