Cutting Power for Face Milling (each Cutter)

Cutting Power
DC(mm) : Cutting Diameter
z : Insert Number or peripheral effective cutting edge count
ap(mm) : Depth of Cut
ae(mm) : Cutting Width
n(min⁻¹) : Main Axis Spindle Speed
vc(m/min) : Cutting Speed
vf(mm/min) : Table Feed per Min.
fz(mm/tooth) : Feed per Tooth
Kc(MPa) : Specific Cutting Force
η : Machine Coefficient
Pc(kW) : Actual Cutting Power
Select the items.

Input the values.
Input the value in either.
Input the value in either.


How much the Actual Cutting Power is required when cutting SCM440 by ASX445R10005D? With Depth of
Cut is 3mm, Cutting Width is 80mm, Cutting Speed is 220m/min, Feed per Tooth is 0.1mm/tooth, and
Machine Coefficient is 80%.
Select ASX445 from Cutter, SCM440 from Work Material. Because of ASX445R10005D, input 100 in DC
and 5 in z column. According to each conditions, input 3 in ap, 80 in ae, 220 in vc, 0.1 in fz, and 0.8 in η.
Then press <Calculate> and PC=4.24 (kW) is obtained.

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