Note on Rotational Balance


• At the time of shipping, the cutter body is balanced by using a special high accuracy master insert in order that it will conform to balance quality G6.3 based on ISO 1940/1 (approximate value at the maximum revolution for each cutter diameter). In order to keep good rotational balance, do not adjust the balance screw (HSS05005) located on the outer surface of the body.
• Rotational balance will change after exchanging cartridges. If you use the cutter at the same revolution as that of the following table or higher, re-balancing is necessary after exchanging cartridges. Please contact Mitsubishi Materials to re-balance the cutter.

(Note 1) If the revolution is the same as or lower than the value indicated above, the cutter can be used with a standard arbor. (Do not use long shank type arbors or special arbors, as the overhang could make it dangerous to use.)
(Note 2) If the revolution is higher than the value indicated above, please set the balance as follows : (Arbor + cutter)≦G6.3

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