How to Select iMX Holders

• When using straight holder + standard head, interference will occur in cases where the depth of cut is larger than the length of cut of the head.

• When using straight holder + offset head, larger depths of cut are possible because the diameter of the head is larger than the holder.

Straight + Standard Head

Straight + Standard head

Less than 3DC overhang is recommended when depth of cut < length of cut.

Straight + Offset Head

Straight + Offset head

• Undercut type with relieved neck is suitable for vertical wall machining.
• The large diameter of the taper neck holder provides stability in long overhang applications.
Undercut and taper neck types are now also available. (Please refer to diameter DC of each type for minimum diameter.)

Undercut + Standard Head

Undercut + Standard head

Taper neck + Standard Head

Taper neck + Standard head
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