Function of Tool Features for Face Milling


Cutting Edge Run-out Accuracy

Cutting Edge Run-out Accuracy

Cutting edge run-out accuracy of indexable inserts on the cutter body greatly affects the surface finish and tool life.

Cutting Edge Run-out Accuracy 2

Improve Finished Surface Roughness

Since Mitsubishi Materials' normal sub cutting edge width is 1.4mm, and the sub cutting edges are set parallel to the face of a milling cutter, theoretically the finished surface accuracy should be maintained even if run-out accuracy is low.

Improve Finished Surface Roughness 1

• Replace one or two normal inserts with wiper inserts.

• Wiper inserts be set to protrude by 0.03 - 0.1mm from the standard inserts.

*1. Value depends on the cutting edge and insert combination.

How to Set a Wiper Insert

How to Set a Wiper Insert

• Sub cutting edge length has to be longer than the feed per revolution.
* Too long sub cutting edge causes chattering.

• When the cutter diameter is large and feed per revolution is longer than the sub cutting edge of the wiper insert, use two or three wiper inserts.

• When using more than 1 wiper inserts, eliminate run-out of wiper inserts.

• Use a high hardness grade (high wear resistance) for wiper inserts.

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