The term, “manufacturing,” is a simple word, but has a deep meaning. Almost everything we manufacture supports our life in some way or another. The essence of manufacturing, I think, is the dedication of the manufacturer. Manufacturing starts from an idea of a product that we think will be useful or that might make people’s lives better. We create a design, select the materials and decide upon a method that will turn our design and materials into a finished product. The dedicated effort, experience and skill of all those involved is cumulative and the resulting product is certain to exhibit qualities valued by the market, qualities such as visual beauty in colour or form, or functionality and usefulness. Some products are highly regarded by the public consumer in general and some are highly valued by specific groups of people. How about tools? Few people are concerned about how a tool looks. What matters is durability, functionality and cost effectiveness. Like any product, however, the success of a tool is the result of the combined dedication and effort of everyone involved in its manufacture, the skill of the designer, the precision of the manufacturer, the earnestness of the service provider, the knowledge of the dealer, and, perhaps most importantly, the feedback from the customer that ultimately uses the tool as a key component in the process it employs to manufacture the products it develops. I am quite confident that Mitsubishi Materials’ journal, “Your Global Craftsman Studio” exhibits the combined effort, experience and skill of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation employees dedicated to the manufacture of better products.

Fumio Tsurumaki

Managing Executive Officer,
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation President,
Advanced Materials & Tools Company

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