Analytical technology designed to visualise problems and improve processing

Providing analytical solutions accumulated through tool development

Hiromitsu Tanaka, R&D Div., Machining Technology Ctr., Solution Group

The wide variety of solutions provided by the Mitsubishi Materials Machining Technology Center includes machining trials, proposals for machining methods utilizing CAM, telephone consultations, seminars and technical services. One focus is analytical solutions utilising technology accumulated through product development. Such analytical information contributes to the improvement of quality and efficiency at manufacturing sites. However, it is difficult for the customers themselves to clearly understand certain aspects of machining such as load and deformation. To help customers better understand, Mitsubishi Materials designs proposals for improving machining processes through a combination of analytical technology and experience utilising three methods of analyses - rigidity, chip form and machining load.

Among these, machining load analysis is frequently employed to visualize the load on the material and cutting tool (main component force, thrust force, spindle force, etc.). To realize highly efficient machining, it is important to understand tool characteristics. It is not too much to say that an understanding of machining load is key to efficient machining. However, our goal is not only to conduct analyses, but also to increase the quality of our proposals to optimise machining conditions. For example, although recent CAM software is capable of automatically creating tool paths after stabilizing machining load, they cannot accommodate the characteristics of a wide range of tools and materials and they are sometimes not effective for actual machining. We try to calculate more accurate machining loads, analyze deformation of the work materials and jigs and consider how to shorten machining time to make the most appropriate proposals for improvement.


Increasing quality of proposals for improvement using analytical data

It is necessary to obtain 3D modeling and NC programs data from customers to conduct analyses. However, we often require more information, so we cooperate closely with other departments. Ms. Kosaka, who is in charge of analyses, says: “We first focus on what customers explain. However, we consider the reasons for the results of our analyses to identify the fundamental problems. When solutions derive from the results of our analyses and the questions we pose, we feel a great sense of satisfaction. Success is not simply a matter of the analyses we conduct or the software we use, but our logical consideration of causes and results.”

In 2017, Mitsubishi Materials implemented reverse engineering, heat transfer analysis and other technologies. At the same time, we accumulated analytical results, compared these with actual measurement values to increase the accuracy of analytical values. We try to improve accuracy not only through the combination of innovative machining and our tools, but through proposals for innovative machining methods that increase the economic benefits.


There are currently five specialists assigned to the East Japan Technical Center (Saitama City) providing about 10 analytical solutions every month, and we are planning to increase staffing in the future. In addition, the number of requests from customers in Chubu Region has increased. We will expand the functions of our second technical support base, the Central Japan Technical Center (MTEC Gifu), to facilitate speedy services, and we are planning to develop the same system at our overseas bases. Making comprehensive approaches with technical services, analyses and machining inspections will improve the quality of our proposals and provide useful total solutions; in addition we will reinforce our capability to provide comprehensive solutions for machining.

Wang Wei, Research & Development, Machining Technology Centre, Solution Group / Harumi Kosaka, Research & Development, Machining Technology Centre, Solution Group
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