Instructions for Use of Wiper Inserts

Instructions for use of wiper inserts

• These wiper inserts are single-cornered.
• Install the insert so that the cutting edge is located as shown in Fig., 1.
Do not install the wiper insert as shown in Fig. 2. (The insert may be damaged by a too heavy cutting load.)
• Recommended depth of cutting is ap=0.2-0.5(mm).
(Be aware of the cutting load if the depth of cut is over the recommendation.)
• The major cutting edge of a wiper insert is set more inside than a general tooth.
This is to prevent heavy loads on the wiper insert. (To prevent fracture set the feed under 0.2 mm/tooth)
• Excellent finished surface can be obtained with one wiper insert.
• When the feed per revolution is larger than the width of the wiper edge, install 2 or more wiper inserts equally inside the cutting body.

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