Listening to the voice of the customer

We are pleased to publish the second issue of our Craftsman Magazine that was first launched in April 2015.
As we and everything else around us is moving forward, we strive to continuously develop our technologies and evolve our company so that we contribute to the success of our customers' business activities. Our primary target is to be the reliable partner to whom customers can turn to for advice and whom they can trust for advanced solutions that go hand in hand with profitability and the highest quality.
This evolution naturally applies to tools and other technological advancements, but also to such aspects as the content and quality of services. Each and every employee must keep in mind that customers do not just benefit from a good product; they benefit from the right solution at the right time. To this end, it is vital to listen attentively to the customers' needs and respond with new initiatives and innovations.
Our will to "fulfill all customer needs" and "respond to every demand" forms our core identity as a Craftsman Studio that caters for each individual customer. Our customers' satisfaction and their positive feedback about Mitsubishi Materials' consultancy and technologies fuels our will.
Nothing would give us more pleasure than receiving a customer reaction that goes beyond simple satisfaction about a product or a solution. Such a reaction is seen when customers encounter something that surpasses what they originally envisaged. We will thus continue to respond by exceeding their expectations through harnessing all our strengths with a feeling of excitement when realising their goal, and when witnessing performance and quality that goes beyond their imagination. We invite you to look forward to the evolution of our studio as we aim to become an ever more professional tool manufacturer, capable of delivering results never before envisioned.

Dairiku Matsumo
Vice President / General Manager of Production Div.
Advanced Materials & Tools Company
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

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