Education base in China for cutting tool markets

TianJin LingYun Tool Design Co., Ltd. – MTEC TianJin (China)

China launched its China Manufacturing 2025 initiative to promote further industrial growth. In this feature, we focus on MTEC TianJin, a technical centre strengthened to support Chinese market movement.

Renewed MTEC TianJin

MTEC TianJin (China) was founded at TianJin LingYun Tool Design Co., Ltd. in 2004 as a base for machining technology education and application services tailored to customers in China. Thirteen years after its foundation, it was reorganized in October 2017 to respond to growth and changes in the Chinese market. Japanese-affiliated companies have already entered TianJin, a city located just 30 minutes southeast of Beijing by high-speed rail. TianJin Airport and Chubu Centrair International Airport, which is located in the heart of the Japanese automobile industry, are connected by direct flights.

When MTEC TianJin was founded in 2004, China was already serving as a global factory. However, with the announcement of Chinese Manufacturing 2025, the Chinese version of Industry 4.0, in May 2015, the manufacturing industry is predicted to grow even further. In order to attract Chinese automobile and other manufacturers with high technical capability, it is necessary to provide not only education in the basics and applications of machining, but also comprehensive machining solutions that include the most up-to-date CAM, CAE, simulation technologies and tooling support.

Mitsubishi Materials has six technical centres around the world. Each centre has equipment suitable for the needs of each region. In addition, they have access to different types of equipment that can be shared when needed. When one of centers lacks the specialised equipment required to effectively handle a request from a customer, it can be transferred to a technical centre that has the required equipment. For example, when an MTEC TianJin customer requires an application to be machined on the horizontal machining centre with an HSK100 spindle, owned by the Central Japan Technical Center (MTEC Gifu) in Japan, MTEC TianJin can ask MTEC Gifu.

In addition, the MTEC TianJin translation department translates technical documents from Japanese to Chinese to make them quickly available in China. Furthermore, the majority of staff at MTEC TianJin is able to communicate in Japanese, which ensures the timely sharing of information about new products and technology developed in Japan.

We respond to each customers’ request with care, implement the solution technology developed in Japan and introduce the most advanced machining technology developed in China to the world.


Being an effective partner

I joined TianJin LingYun Tool Design Co., Ltd. in 2008. I am assigned to the Cutting Technology Center, which handles a wide range of work carried out at customer’s sites. For example, we provide technical seminars and services as well as machining trials. The Cutting Technical Center had been conducting trials on prototypes on request from the Development Division in Japan rather than from customers; and although we responded to customer requests for lectures at technical seminars, recognition of the Cutting Technical Center among companies in the Chinese market remained low. However, better public relations leading up to and following the re-opening of the centre succeeded in bringing in many visitors from both in and outside the company. I’m looking forward to even more people coming to see us.

Recent growth in the Chinese market is significant. Along with this, requests for solution services as well as product quality and performance enhancements have also been increasing. In response to this, the Cutting Technology Center has shifted its focus to machining trials and technical support. In striving continuously to be an effective partner by quickly responding to changes in customer needs, we go beyond the provision of trials to provide attractive total solutions.

Everyone at the technical centre is committed to providing the quickest and most effective solutions as we work to increase our standing among customers in China.

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