We continue to improve manufacturing with an eye on the future

Thank you for reading MMC’s YOUR GLOBAL CRAFTSMAN STUDIO Vol. 7.

Volume 7 features the approach we are making in the medical field. In addition to our ongoing work in the automobile, aircraft and metal mould sectors, the past few years have also seen a focus on the medical industry. With an eye on further improvement, we hope to gain continuing support and take increased knowledge from the marketplace.

Along with the expansion of information technology and the globalization of business activities, the environment surrounding the manufacturing industry has witnessed significant change. We also feel the need to reconsider business procedures and goals in line with progressing technology and changing demographics. Such changes highlight the importance of the Your Global Craftsman Studio brand concept in ensuring the most effective solutions for customers as we maintain and improve business infrastructures to ensure safety and quality.

To maintain and improve business infrastructures, we keep a constant eye on the future to develop ever more innovative production technology and manufacturing capability based on accumulated wisdom and DNA that features ingenuity.

More than 7,000 employees are engaged in our carbide business both at home and abroad. Although not all employees come into direct contact with customers, our Customer First attitude expressed in the spirit of Mitsubishi Materials’ Your Global Craftsman Studio brand concept ensures that we deliver the best products and services.

Yasunori Murakami

Vice President & General Manager of Production Division
Metalworking Solutions Company
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

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