Instructions for Using Inserts

Instructions for Use of the JP Breaker

• The JP breaker has sharp cutting edges. Wear gloves when handling.
When machining aluminium alloy, welding to the cutting edge tends to occur, often leading to insert failure. To prevent this, wet cutting is recommended.

Instructions for Use of Wiper Inserts

Instructions for use of wiper inserts

• Wiper inserts for the ASX400 are single-cornered.
• When installing the wiper insert, place the insert so that the small chamfer is located as shown.
• The peripheral cutting edge of the wiper insert is located back than general inserts.
Beware of wear of the insert just behind the wiper insert.
• When using wiper set the following standard conditions. Depth of Cut (ap)<0.5mm, Feed per Tooth (fz)<0.2mm/tooth

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