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Impact of Damage to Nuclear Power Plants in Fukushima to Our Products

March 25, 2011

On March 11, an unprecedented 9.0 magnitude earthquake, one of the greatest on record hit the northeastern part of Honshu, and the strong jolt has devastated many buildings, facilities and houses near the epicenter. The tsunami generated by the earthquake engulfed many cities, villages, houses and people, completely destroyed many villages on the Pacific coast.

To make this tragedy more complicated, nuclear power plants operated by Tokyo Electric Power Company in Fukushima were damaged and crippled by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami on March 11. The Japanese government as well as local authorities in the affected and adjacent areas is carefully monitoring the levels of radiation and the government is disclosing the data in full transparency.

Since we have learned that there is a growing concern of radioactive material of Japanese product, we would like to take this opportunity and emphasize that in all areas where our manufacturing plants and warehouse are located, the radiation levels detected do not represent any threat to human health, and therefore, the products manufactured in our plants, and the products we inventory in Japan do not represent any threat to human health.

For inquiries, please contact your local representative.