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Series expansion. Ground Insert for Multifunctional Machining with MF breaker added to Grooving System "GY Series"

June 24, 2014
GY Series

"GY Series" has received a favorable reception as a breakthrough tool that offers ultimate rigidity and accuracy when grooving. Its unique clamping technology TRI-LOCK System (1) has dramatically increased stability which is a weak point in Modular type holder (2).
To meet the demand in achieving high efficient machining using grooving holder, Ground Insert for Multifunctional Machining with MF breaker has been added to the Grooving System "GY Series".

Features of Ground Insert for Multifunctional Machining with MF breaker

Groove width from 2mm to 6.35mm will be available as standard items. Standardizing the cutting edge width which makes available to C type retaining ring (Cerclip).
Ground insert for peripheral grinding with MF breaker has higher precision as compared with M class inserts.
(Tolerance of width of tooth: ±0.02mm for MF breaker in contrast to ±0.03 or ±0.04mm for M class insert.)
Ground insert with MF breaker promotes efficient chip breaking with the molded breaker’s advantage.
Not only available to external and internal grooving but also available to face grooving by single piece of insert. Available for a modular blade for external and internal grooving and a modular holder for internal grooving.
4 types of grade; cermet grade "NX2525", PVD coated carbide grade "VP10RT"/ "VP20RT" and carbide grade "RT9010" will be available as standard items.
(1) TRI-LOCK System
The TRI-LOCK System ensures the blade is securely fixed in 3 directions (side, front and top), giving high rigidity for stable grooving performance.
(2) Modular type holder
Modular type holder is a tool that is formed partly from replacement type of the body. It is possible to replace only a failure part when a tool breaks, thereby providing high convenience and cost effectiveness compared to a mono block type holder.

Additional standard items

Product name:
Ground Insert for Multifunctional Machining with MF breaker for Grooving System "GY Series"
Number of items:
112 items
(Main item)
GY2G0500H040N-MF (NX2525)
GY2G0400G040N-MF (VP10RT)

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