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The MCS type drill is designed for high efficiency machining of both CFRP type materials and CFRP with aluminum.

Feb 18. 2011

MCS type drill
Technical Information:
  • Smooth, unique, fine multilayer diamond coated grade, (DD2010)
  • Designed to drill both CFRP and CFRP with aluminum together. Note: This drill is not designed to drill aluminum only.
  • Unique "TRI-Cooling" design
  • Special wave cutting edge design Eight, (3xD), drill sizes available from 0.1719" to 0.5010"
  • Other drill sizes are available as a special

Applications to Target:
  • Composite, (CFRP), materials
  • Composite, (CFRP), with aluminum together
  • Longer tool life and reduction of burrs with the smooth, unique, fine multilayer diamond coated, (DD2010), grade
  • "TRI-Cooling" design allows for an increase in coolant flow for better chip evacuation
  • Special wave cutting edge design reduces cutting resistance and burrs
Product available on
  • February 10, 2011