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Small TAW Drill expansion of our Drilling Family.
The STAW expansion will include diameters from 14mm ~ 15.4mm.

June 13. 2011

Technical Information:
  • Available in metric diameters from 14.0mm ~ 30.4mm at 0.1mm increments
  • New PVD coated grade "DP5010" (AlTiCrSiN)
  • Chamfer on the outer edge
  • Smaller hone width (0.02mm ~ 0.05mm)
  • The wavy cutting edge design achieves a sharp peripheral edge cutting performance

Applications to Target:
  • All cast and ductile iron applications
  • New grade improves wear resistance and lubricity
  • Chamfer on the outer edge improves breakout and premature wear on the margin
  • The smaller hone improves chip breaking properties, which provides excellent chip evacuation
  • Sharp peripheral edge cutting also enables a strong initial cutting point near the center for excellent accuracy
Product available on
  • June 2, 2011