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GY Face blade selection expands into new opportunities

December 12. 2012

New seat sizes for thinner grooving widths along with an expansion to our "F" seat size for larger grooving diameters

Technical Information:
  • New seat sizes indicated by the letter "D" for 2mm inserts and "E" for 2.5mm and .094" width inserts
  • "D" and "E" seat sizes capsulate face grooving options from starting cut diameters of 40mm (1.575") up to 250mm (7.087") starting cut diameters
  • "F" seat size for 3mm and .125" width inserts will expand both the medium (F12) and long (F20) type blades to a minimum starting cut diameter of 225mm (8.858") and a maximum starting cut diameter at 999mm (39.331")

Applications to Target:
  • Face grooving
  • Face turning
  • Expansion of blades continue to adapt with current line of holders and inserts
  • Outward sweep simplifies choosing the proper blade
  • Tri Lock system provides maximum rigidity comparable to mono block style tools
  • Expansion covers a wide array of face grooving diameters at smaller cutting widths
Product available on
  • Nobember 8, 2012