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MP6100 series (for Carbon & Alloy Steel)
MP7100 series (for Stainless Steel)
MP9100 series (for Heat Resistant Alloys & Titanium Alloys)

December 20. 2013

Mitsubishi Materials USA Corporation is proud to announce grade expansions for the ASX400 and ASX445 face mill. The ASX now offers additional new grades: MP6120, MP6130, MP7130, MP7140, MP9120 & MP9130

Technical Information:
  • NEW: MP6100, MP7100 & MP9100 series - With Al-Ti-Cr-N based PVD coating.
  • Excellent welding resistance due to low coefficient of friction.
  • PVD multi-layered coating.

Applications to Target:
  • MP6120 & MP6130 shows good performance when machining Carbon Steel & Alloy Steel.
  • MP7130 & MP7140 shows good performance when machining Stainless Steel.
  • MP9120 & MP9130 shows good performance when machining Heat Resistant Alloys & Titanium Alloys.
  • PVD coatings have properties such as toughness, low coefficient of friction and excellent welding wear and heat resistance. This results in tough, precision grades such as MP6100, MP7100 & MP9100 series.
  • Multi-layering of the coating prevents any cracks penetrating through to the substrate.
Product available on
  • December 12, 2013

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