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AXD4000 GM TF15, GM MP9120 and Metric End mill expansion

December 20. 2013

Mitsubishi Materials USA Corporation is proud to announce several expansions for the AXD4000 series.
GM TF15, GM MP9120, and metric end mill expansion now available.

Technical Information:
  • NEW: GM breaker with TF15 grade offered from 0.4mm to 5.0mm radius.
  • NEW: GM MP9120 additional sizes include 4.0mm and 5.0mm radius.
  • MP9120 features an accumulated Al-Ti-Cr-N based PVD coating.
    Excellent welding resistance due to low coefficient of friction.
  • NEW: Metric End Mill expansion including - extra long length.

Applications to Target:
  • MP9120 grade shows good performance when machining Titanium Alloys.
  • TF15 shows good performance when machining Aluminum Alloys.
  • GM breaker with TF15 grade offers a strong cutting edge, ideal for demanding applications.
  • GM MP9120 features excellent welding resistance, due to low coefficient of friction.
  • PVD coatings have properties such as toughness, low coefficient of friction, excellent welding wear and
    heat resistance. This results in tough precision grades such as MP9120.
  • Multi-layering of the coating prevents cracks penetrating through to the substrate.
  • GM MP9120 is ideal for machining titanium, but is also beneficial for machining high silicon content aluminum alloy.
  • Metric End Mill expansion extra long lengths up to 250mm.
Product available on
  • October 1, 2013

Download the PDF file