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VQ SMART MIRACLE series premier

December 6. 2013

Mitsubishi Materials is proud to announce SMART MIRACLE metric expansion of VQMHV series end mills.

Technical Information:
  • VQ SMART MIRACLE flaunts a sleek (Al,Cr)N coating developed with "Hyper Arc Activation" technology
  • VQMHV; 4 flute medium length with irregular helix flutes set at 37 and 40 degrees
  • Curved edge at the shank side of the flute is used in the undercut shank

Applications to Target:
  • Aerospace, Medical, Oil & Gas and Automotive industries
  • Stainless Steel, High Tempreature Alloys, Titanium Alloys, Inconel,
  • High production environments using Carbon and Alloy Steels in their natural state
  • VQMHV for shoulder milling, slotting and long overhang situations
  • The SMART MIRACLE coating provides low friction with its " ZERO-µ Surface" reducing cutting forces
  • Variable helix design prevents vibrations in demanding applications
  • The variable helix angle design has been optimized to reduce back forces minimizing any pulling out of the tool
  • The undercut size allows for deep faces to be finished in steps and minimizes the blend mark between steps
Product available on
  • December 6. 2013

Download the PDF file