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AXD Series Expansion

November 9. 2015

Mitsubishi Materials is proud to announce the expansion of our AXD4000 Face Mill Line.

Technical Information:
  • AXD4000 3"diameter face mill expansion now offered with 1" bore.
  • AXD series for high performance machining of aluminum alloys.

Applications to Target:
  • Aerospace, Medical, and Automotive Industries.
  • Multifunctional milling cutter for high speed & performance machining of aluminum and titanium alloys.
  • Extremely stable under high centrifugal forces for reliability and safety.
  • High spindle speeds possible due to use of the double screw clamping and our proprietary "Anti Fly Insert" mechanism (Double AFI).
  • Low resistance inserts feature a large rake angle to reduce cutting resistance and provide good chip flow.
Product available on
  • October 29. 2015

Download the PDF file