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Coated CBN Grade BC8120 for High Hardened Steel Turning

December 24. 2015

Mitsubishi Materials is proud to announce the expansion of BC8120 Coated CBN Grade for High Hardened Steel Turning


Technical Information:
  • 191 new inserts in cBN grade BC8120.
  • Longer tool life with PVD coating, when turning hardened steels.
  • Coated with a new TiAlSiN technology for excellent welding resistance.
  • The Ultra Micro-particle Binder in the substrate disperses cutting forces radially designed to help prevent sudden fracture.
  • Optimized cBN grain size and cBN content increases wear resistance and edge toughness.
Applications to Target:
  • BC8120 for extended tool life in more severe hardened steel applications.
  • Whereas, BC8110 is ideal for long tool life in continuous hardened steel applications.
  • cBN inserts in a variety of hones to maximize efficiency and tool life performance.
  • TiAlSiN technology prevents coating exfoliation to reduce unusual wear.
  • Can be used with and without coolant.
Product available on
  • December 17. 2015

Download the PDF file