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MC6025 & US735

October 8. 2015

Mitsubishi Materials is proud to announce Single Sided inserts in grades MC6025 & US735.

Technical Information:
  • MC6025 provides both toughness and wear resistance in ISO P20 class applications.
  • MC6025's Ultra thick Nano-texture layer of Al2O3 provides outstanding wear resistance.
  • US735 provides toughness and edge sharpness for ISO M class applications.
  • US735 features a Ti compound coating ideal for machining demanding applications in a variety of stainless steels.

Applications to Target:
  • MC6025 is intended for applications in ISO P class materials such as carbon and alloy steel.
  • US735 is intended for applications in ISO M class materials such as stainless steels.
  • In single sided insert configurations; both grades will provide extreme toughness in interrupted cutting.
  • MC6025's resistance to cracking and fracturing is improved; results of a thickened substrate tough layer. When combined with proven single sided chip breakers, reliable machining in interrupted conditions is achieved.
  • US735 availability in single sided chip breakers provides reliable machining of stainless steels in interrupted machining conditions.
Product available on
  • October 1. 2015

Download the PDF file